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There is no shortage of startups trying to vie for the attention of consumers. The question is how will you be remembered? There is a reason the companies you frequent and some of the largest companies in the world are not named big-company856.com or big-company856.net - etc. That is because those type names are really hard to remember but more importantly can not pass the elevator test. Example: When I say Amazon to you- instinctively you do not think of the river.

And as someone deeply involved in Mergers/Acquisitions and investments very rarely is there a breakout hit- despite some of the punditry class- that are not (.com). The truth is you need a dot com to be relevant.

And so at some point the founders of NameFSBO started buying domain names as startup ideas came to mind. Eventually, the number swelled and a very costly obsession with names took hold. Then something interesting happened. People started to reach out about buying the names. And since those people needed the name for their company or startup- we sold a few. And before long several hundred thousand in transaction volume happened. That’s when we knew that other people who owned names might be interested in selling. So we set up NameFSBO (Name For Sale By Owner) where we could help broker these names. And so now, NameFSBO is a place where we are founder and name owner friendly. We help you secure the most perfect name and then make the terms where even the most scrappy of startup can hopefully afford their name.

HOW Does this WORK? If you find that we own a name that you are interested in purchasing- add the name to your cart and then check out. If you need to reach out and feel like you wan to negotiate all you have to do is call or send over a message to the owner of the name. Then- once the transaction is complete- the name will be transferred into your account.

Why do I need a .com?

For branding purposes. Every day billions of people type .com in their browsers. From Google.comAmazon.comYoutube.comFacebook.com the largest sites in the world use the .com extension. And not having one makes you look unprofessional. People can easily remember it. The name looks better when attached to an email address or on business cards. And if you are a startup having a dot com means that you are serious about your business future. Venture Capitalist will take you more serious and your mom will be more proud. 

Ok. I found a name that I want. What is next?

Next step is to purchase the name. You can either hit the buy-it-now button or you can reach out to find out if financing the name is an option. For larger names and dollar amounts there may need to be wiring instructions sent. This will be on a name-by-name basis. We also offer the opportunity to use Escrow.com to secure the transaction. In these cases, the buyer will pay the escrow fees. Once the funds are secured- we will transfer the name into your chosen register. And since the majority of our names are at (Godaddy) having a Godaddy account will make the process ultra simple.

Why should pay to buy a premium domain name?

To be taken seriously. Anyone can buy a long hand registered domain name that cost $10 bucks. And the more words you string together the more likely your name will be available. Fantastic- right? Yes. If you have a little corner baking store and that is all you want to be known as. But if you are looking to create a brand that can be sold and make your business MORE valuable invest in a premium domain name, build the brand and see what you can do. Remember, from Tokyo/to/Sydney/to/New York/to/Mexico City/to/Paris/ all use dot com. And because the entire economic funnel of the world runs through .com if you want to be a player- you will need to buy something that reflects the ambitions. 

Domains are digital real estate so treat them as such

Many people make the right assumption that you are buying Realestate when you are buying domain names. Personally, I agree. Let’s take the above example of Google.com. When you go to Google’s home page- all you see is a search bar and a a logo. Of course the magic happens on their servers- and is in the technology. Google could register any domain that want that is currently available. They could buy a name from us. And very simply add their search bar to ANY domain name, right? So how much do you think Google.com is worth? Just the name? My guess would be somewhere in the billion dollar range just because of all the name recognition. But let me just make this quick point- that the domain is valuable but it is undeveloped land. Develop out the land and it becomes far more valuable. 

Added letters. Misspelling. There isn’t a vowel! Is that valuable?

Very valuable. And a great investment. Back in 2013 The Next Web had this to say about mis-spelled names: “Companies want to portray themselves as creative, friendly and forward-thinking.’… ‘While alternative spellings help companies secure dot-com domains […], they can also add character and help a product or service stand out, particularly when operating in a typically straight-laced ecosystem.’… “companies tend to find that dropping vowels… sound edgy. […] ‘a way to describe a school of thought that isn’t confined to boundaries.” We couldn’t agree more. And since we primarily work with Tech startups- we know that you and your venture capitalist will agree too!